Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

AUDITIONS: August 13 & 14, 2017 (7:30 - 9:30pm)
Village Playbox
First Presbyterian Church
Green Street at 7th Avenue
Haddon Heights, NJ 08035

DIRECTOR: Steve Allen
PRODUCER: Jenn Evans
PERFORMANCES: (8) First Presbyterian Church, Nov. 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 17 and 18, 2017


In a plantation house, a family celebrates the sixty-fifth birthday of their patriarch, Big Daddy. Despite the festivities, the mood is somber, for slowly making the rounds is the news that Big Daddy is dying. Maggie, Big Daddy’s daughter-in- law, wants to give him the news that she has finally become pregnant by Big Daddy’s favorite son, Brick, but Brick won’t cooperate in Maggie’s plans and prefers to stay in a mild alcoholic haze the entire length of his visit. Swarming around Maggie and Brick are their intrusive, conniving relatives, all eager to see Brick tumble from his position of most-beloved son.

3 nights per week. Sunday - Tuesday - Thursday

Four females, five males and three children .

Margaret (20 – 30) - Confident, sexy, outgoing. The play's cat. Maggie's loneliness and Brick's refusal to make her his desire, has made her hard, nervous, and bitchy. The woman constantly posing in the mirror, Maggie holds the audiences transfixed.

Brick (20 – 30) - The favorite son and mourned lover. A young alcoholic former football player, Brick is tormented by guilt over the death of his former teammate and best friend, Skipper. Brick is disgusted with the hypocrisy, lies, secrecy, and plotting he sees going on around him in the family. Brick is the only member of the family who does not care about inheriting control of the Pollitt empire.

Big Daddy (50 – 70) - Brick's father. Affectionately dubbed by Maggie as an old-fashioned "Mississippi redneck," Daddy is a large, brash, and vulgar plantation millionaire who believes he has returned from the grave.

Big Mama (50 – 70) - Brick's mother. Big Mama Pollitt is the controlling wife of Big Daddy and the mother of Brick and Gooper. She is a loudmouthed, foolish woman who seems devoted to her husband despite his cold rejection of her affections and efforts. Big Mama, in constantly making a scene of her emotions, from laughing to crying hysterically.

Mae (20 – 40) - A mean, agitated "monster of fertility" who schemes with her husband Gooper to secure Big Daddy's estate. Mae appears primarily responsible for the familial love and devotion that she and the children stage before the grandparents.

Gooper (20 – 40) - A successful corporate lawyer. Gooper is Big Daddy's eldest and least favored son. He deeply resents his parents' love for Brick.

Reverend Tooker (30 – 60) - A tactless, opportunistic, and hypocritical guest at Big Daddy's birthday party.

Doctor Baugh (30 – 60) - The sober Baugh is Big Daddy's physician.

Sookey (20 –60) – Family servant

The Children – (8 – 12) Mae and Gooper's children. Hellions. They appear as demonic "no- necked monsters" who intermittently interrupt the action on-stage. (One has spoken lines).

(Ages don't have to be exact but actors should be flexible.)

We will be using a southern accent for the show so try to use one when auditioning. Auditions will be cold readings from the script.

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